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What happens at the end of the tax year?
We send you P60s for all your current employees, and file the year-end EPS with HMRC ensuring you meet all deadlines.
Why should I outsource my payroll?

• Cost – see below in ‘How will payroll outsourcing save me money’

• Confidentiality – all payroll details are held confidentially away from your main business premises, meaning sensitive information does not get into the wrong hands.

• Reliability – removes the risk of your employees not being paid due to unexpected sickness absence of key payroll staff.

• Security – We are registered under the data protection act and take data security and confidentiality very seriously.  All of our data is backed up onto two different servers overnight, one being off-site, and all data is encrypted.

How long will it take to outsource our payroll?
For small payrolls, this can be done in a couple of days.  With the larger ones on average a week.
How will payroll outsourcing save me money?

• Our team of highly professional payroll staff free up time from your in-house staff to process your payroll and ensure that your company complies with all payroll related legislation.

• If you take into account not just payroll staff salaries and employer’s NI, but pension/healthcare contributions and other benefits, purchase and maintenance of payroll software, stationery, staff training, and temp costs for holiday/sickness cover, you will see how cost-effective our all-inclusive price is.

Should small companies outsource payroll?
Whatever your size, you still need to process a payroll accurately and on-time. It makes sense to outsource as you can’t be an expert at every bit of your business.  With us, you can be assured that you are up to date with legislation and compliant.
Why choose Mustard Payroll?

• We are friendly and the company is built on recommendations from other clients

• We are well established

• Experts in payroll

• Big enough to cope small enough to care

• We understand that all businesses are different and tailor our payroll services to meet your needs

• We only use HMRC accredited software.

How quickly can you run my payroll?
All payrolls are processed within 24 hours.
Do you provide a P11D service?
We use specialist software to take away the burden of this annual task, for both clients and non-clients. Please contact us for further details and a quotation.
What do I do if I need advice on payroll?
Just call us, where one of our team will advise you what to do.
Can you help with auto-enrolment?

• Yes, we have lots of experience with pensions. Once you’ve decided on a pension provider we can help you through the steps to your staging date and beyond. We can do as little or as much of the administration as you wish.  We can deal with uploading newly enrolled employees to the pension providers website along with the contribution schedule.

• We can assess your employees for auto-enrolment and then enrol them when necessary.
Do we have to pay a setup charge?
In most cases there is no setup charge – this applies to small payrolls. For larger payrolls who can only provide their data on paper or in a format which can not be transferred, we may have to charge a small fee to cover manually inputting the data.
How much will it cost to outsource my payroll?
This depends on how many employees you have and how often they are paid. You can also add additional services such as BACS payments and pension administration. We charge on the basis of the number of employees and frequency. Click our send me a quotation link and we’ll email you a cost analysis and detail of services.